When I start laying everything out that I need to get ready for a rave.


sorry for the inactivity ! to make it up to you guys, im going to be doing a hugeee kandi give away sooon
umm-whats-in-the-cup asked:
I like your kandi, could you give me some ideas of some words to put on my kandi?

Whenever I cant think of words to put on kandi, Ill just put on some music and spell out the words I like, or whatever is influencing me at that time. Sometimes I’ll make a silly little list of things and just bust them out. I also did a little contest right before EDC to spell out all of my followers names on kandis. Anything you want really ! Just gotta feel it :D

kandii-monster asked:
:D I got it today! Thanks! I love it all!

Glad you liked it !





"boys dont like it when-" 


"girls don’t like it when-"


"people would probably like you better if-"


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